Under this stream we will link with partners e.g. the Barbet’s Duet under whose aegis we have the Seme and Nkoroi Learning Sites ( KanyaJowiDongo Self Help Groups that coordinates the philanthropic work in education and social entrepreneurship.

Under the Barbet’s Learning Sites HAOSSAR manages two sites: in Seme and Nkoroi.

  1. Pioneering and promotion of building using local material that do not degrade the environment including the use of interlocking stabilized soil blocks.
  2. Water Harvesting – promoting 100% guttering – and building of aesthetically superior underground water tanks.
  3. Commercializing fuit tree planting – Pawpaw, Tissue Culture Bananas and Mangoes
  4. Commercializing herbs and spices – Lemon grass, dhania, etc
  5. Cottage Industry – Soap making
  6. Pork farming –

KanyaJowiDongo Self Help Group : Crowdfunding approach to easing access to education by the less privileged.  Taking the Harambee spirit to a new level.