Indoor plants Kenya began back in 2010 solely as a tree selling venture in Nkoroi, Kajiado North, Kenya. In time the business evolved into a rare ornamental plant business focused mainly on succulents and cacti. The business model was inspired by the need to identify sustainable methods of generating revenue for young people in a society experiencing rising unemployment rates.

At inception, we employed door to door sales as a pilot to determine market vialability. The reception was better than anticipated causing us to consider scaling up. This particular step in the process was labour and capital intensive as it involved seeking purchasing and propagation of plants. Using publicity as our primary marketing tool we were able to carefully create awareness about our product and concurrently build our stock. This intricate balance allowed the business to stay afloat until market viability was achieved. At this point the brand was remoulded as a vehicle tailored to marry clients with plants and pots that met their needs.

Their low demand for watering and for some cases sunshine, makes succulents low maintenance plants. Even with neglect their drought resistant nature ensures their continued survival (but not indefinitely).

Our Indoor plants among others include :

  1. Jade Plant  (Crassula Ovata )
  2. Donkey Tail (Sedum Morganium)
    • Kalanchoe (Diagremoniana)
    • Mammillaria (Vetula)
    • Mammillaria (Vetula Gracilis )
  3. Fishhook/Pincushion (Cactus Mammilaria Crinita)
  4. Marginata (Agave Americana)
  5. Tiger Tooth (Aloe Aloe Juvenna)
  6. Sun Cereus (Disocactus Speciosus)
  7. Keeled Ox Tongue (Gasteria Carinata)
  8. Lawyers Tongue (Gasteria Bicolour)
  9. Velvet ear (Kalanchoe Beharensis)
  10. Blue Rose (Echeveria Echeveria Imbricata)
  11. Blue Echeveria (Echeveria Secunda)
    • Stapelia Berlinensis
    • Haworthia Glabrata
  12. Christamas Cacti (Schlumbergera)
    • Echeveria prolifera
    • Sedum Burrito