Our homes are not just dwellings, but spaces in which we repose and re-energise. The home must be comfortable and inviting, size or location notwithstanding. There are no ‘bad houses’ only poorly decorated ones.

Many will assume that interior decor is the preserve of the rich.  It is not. HAOSSAR would like to reverse this thought buy stating that, anyone, with some creativity can customise and make their houses reflect their taste and personality. HAOSSAR is able to guide and assist you acquire decor items, re-purpose them and design or redesign your personal space on your budget.

Decorating or redecorating your home does not mean ‘breaking the bank’. Most people will freeze when they hear the term ‘interior decor’.  This means: spend, spend, spend, money, money, money for most people. This is not necessarily true. Home decor can be done in phases.  One should not feel pressured to do all their decor or home improvements in one go – “Rome was not built in a day”. HAOSSAR will guide you on how to plan your decor on a budget.

Most people ask why they would need an interior designer to decorate their spaces?   First and foremost we need to understand that there is more to interior design than putting together furniture and pretty decorative pieces. Hiring a professional will help you save money. A designer will help you plan, direct you to purchase quality, durable items, get the right bargains,  choose the right colours for your space so that you do not end up with items or colours that do not reflect your  style.

It is often a misconstrued thought that interior designers make you choose the most expensive materials, furniture and accessories.  This is not necessarily true. Remember, as the home owner, you are always in control of all decisions, and the designer’s role is only to visualize your dream and execute it within your budget.

Why do you need to decorate your home? Decorating your home does more than just giving you aesthetic value, it improves functionality in the home, defines and reflects your personality and most importantly, it is therapeutic. Different people have distinct personality, tastes, needs and style. What one home owner finds attractive may be distasteful to another. Homes should be decorated to suit an individual’s lifestyle and needs while reflecting their personality.

A well decorated, functional home is therapeutic to our mind and soul