HAOSSAR Book Café. 

The idea of a reading club at HAOSSAR has been suggested by many,  and finally we have crafted an idea on how to run it so that its most fulfilling and rewarding to all.  We are looking at the Book Café as an opportunity for knowledge lovers to meet and share over a cup of something.  The Book Café is a crossroad for meeting diverse people, making exciting conversations and even evolving relationships.   We do not push you to buy and read a book that you might not enjoy.  The Book Café is not about promoting any particular book, or author.  Our massive and eclectic library comes to the rescue and gets to be put to community use.  Once you sign up, we invite you to pick a book (borrow) of your choice from the HAOSSAR library.  You engage with the book within a month, and then attend the Book Café.  Several others, like you, will have read different books on diverse subjects.  During the Book Café each will relate their personal experience with the book/author – its plot, settings, events, characters, ideas, feelings, emotions etc.  It’s what the book meant to you, personally, how it connected with your personal life today, your history, philosophy and ideologies that will form the basis of the sharing.  We see books as repositories of knowledge, catalysts of introspection and foundations for informed action.  The Book Café toasts how personal experiences interact with books and authors.    

 The HAOSSAR Book Café’ will be held on: 

4th April 2020

13th June 2020

18th July 2020

19th September 2020 and 

7th November 2020. 

At the HAOSSAR Book Café we will kill several myths, that we do not read books, that we are afraid of knowledge, that we are unable discuss intellectual issues and only meet to discuss politics and gossip and that inter-generational communication cannot happen.  This will be a meeting for men and women, young and not so young, experienced and new professional, academics and leisure readers.