Community Radio – Targeting the Kajiado urban areas of Ongata Ronkai, Kiserian, Matasia, Ngong and Bulbul and lower Karen.

Societal Icons

There are individuals who grace this earth and only after the sounds of their footsteps have ceased to be heard pounding the gravel of this earth realize their impact.  These are thinkers and philosophers, artists and innovators, scholars and social commentators, fathers and mothers and interesting people with something special to say and experiences to share.  Many such individuals are geographically and experientially confined and usually only reach a few select people around them.  Missing exposure to such mines of knowledge and experience is a tragedy beyond comprehension.  So we can be nostalgic about it, or we can do something about it.

HAOSSAR will be hosting the Social Icons segment that will offer a platform for listening to historical inspirational voices; for sharing the lives of the phenomenal greats with a wider audience.  We will seek those with alternative leadership, innovative approaches, fringe and experimental solutions to everyday challenges.  Their views and approaches will be discussed and debated respectfully.  We will bring to the general public the gems of wisdom we decray once they go silent.