Today’s life has multiple challenges; financial, professional, career, parental, relational and many other.  These challenges are compounded by the break-up in the social support systems that relied on strong kinship bonds, professional groupings and other structured systems that simply ‘had your back’.  Today youth in school have problems making career choices because the labor landscape changes so rapidly.  New parents have challenges coping with their newly acquired role and that is even before the real challenge of parenting teens sets in.

Finances are a challenge all the time; when you have too little or when you get a windfall. Investment information could be available but too complicated to decipher and suit to yourself, saving schemes are complicated and one does not know whether to join a table banking group, a chama, a Sacco, a merry-go-round or a Friends savings scheme.  When one is approaching the end of the working life it is not clear what retirements plan would be most sustainable.  Managing transition of your property to your next of kin is equally a challenge.

HAOSSAR Life Coaching has developed a package that speaks to each of these challenges.  We are alive to the reality that many view counsellors suspiciously be they financial or marriage counsellors we have a tailored intervention that can be organized around groups, age-sets or even one-on-one.