At HAOSSAR we operates two operational streams :

  1. Commercial  HAOSSAR
  2. Innovation and Learning

HAOSSAR will operate under two streams that are existentially separated by the guiding philosophy.  There will be a commercial business enterprise and an innovation and learning stream that will manage the inherent foundational epistemy.  Under this stream we will link with partners e.g. the Barbet’s Duet under whose aegis we have the Seme and Nkoroi Leaning Sites (www., KanyaJowiDongo Self Help Groups that coordinates the philanthropic work in education and social entrepreneurship.

To supplement above streams, HAOSSAR Limited also operates under nine (9) related but semi-autonomous divisions in order to enhance creativity and speed of decision making and project execution.

  • HAOSSAR Fashion and Home Décor
  • HAOSSAR Gardens
  • HAOSSAR Innovation and Learning
  • HAOSSAR Home-linen and Upholstery
  • HAOSSAR Creations
  • HAOSSAR Strategic Communications
  • HAOSSAR Life Coaching
  • HAOSSAR Social Baraza
  • HAOSSAR Radio
  • HAOSSAR Book Club