Get to know Us

HAOSSAR Limited was born in 2015 to actualize and commercially channel the creative talents and passion of the Obyerodhyambo family: Hilda Obyerodhyambo, Sankara Yambo Obyerodhyambo, Rading’ Nyanwaya Obyerodhyambo, Samora Ogeda-Chemba Obyerodhyambo and Oby Obyerodhyambo.  Each one has a unique gift along the broad spectrum of creative expression in fashion and design, visual arts and photography, videography and illustration, interior décor, ornamental plants and landscaping, culinary arts and writing and performance as well as strategic communication.

The family also share a passion in sustainable eco-friendly social enterprises.  Hilda and Oby have had long and distinguished careers working as educationists, social mobilizers while nurturing social enterprises.  They have been part of the Barbets Duet a global intiative aimed at increasing North South dialogue of sustainable development.

The younger generation Obyerodhyambos each occupy their own creative and artistic space and a passion for using their talents to make a difference.  The belief in total expression led to forming the company that would allow each one to grow creatively and financially while leveraging on the diverse talent-pool that the family based business offers.

Our Vision 

A Global, profitable, sustainable eco-friendly, afro-centric, social-enterprise.

Our Mission

To establish commercially viable social enterprises globally

Our Strategy   

Using well-researched and tested evidence based methods and approaches to access private and public resources to enrich communities.


  • To establish profitable, ecologically sustainable competitive businesses by 2022 by investing K.Shs 10million to achieve a turn-over of K.Shs. 50million.

Division Clusters:  

  1. HAOSSAR Gardens and Physical Planning
  2. HAOSSAR Creative Expression Services
  3. HAOSSAR Strategic Communications.